Exhibit Designers, Builders
and trade show managers!



Audio Visual installation and service.

Audio Visual Rental Services!

We meticulously review your audiovisual service needs. Our highly trained professionals make recommendations regarding equipment and labor.

Audio Visual equipment rental and installation services!
Tradeshow AV rental services!

Audio Visual Installation!

We execute your designs for installation and configuration, providing the required labor and expert operation.

Anyone can purchase equipment and rent it. What sets us apart from our competitors, is our dedication to service.

For hotels seeking more cost-effective ways to serve the needs of travelers while generating revenue, our audio visual department can provide a convenient fully automated business center located right on your premises.

We can also work with you on communicating your marketing messages through your presentations and corporate events. We will work closely with you on pulling together all the necessary resources to make your next event or meeting a successful one!

Do you need help planning an event or corporate meeting? EFI can help! Las Vegas has everything anyone might be looking for to support the most spectacular events. We have all of the best in entertainment! We have the finest collection of gourmet culinary artists in one location in the world.
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