Lightweight, foldable
and durable, truss display stands!

CROSSwire truss display system!

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X-Module's Crosswire-Trusswire Truss Display Stand

X-Module's patented lightweight CROSSwire truss system is flexible, versatile and affordable! This trade show truss system is remarkably simple to use. There is no need for tools or costly labor. It is made from a composite material that makes it very durable and it can be used over and over again. The potential uses and configurations are limited only to your imagination.

TRUSSwire, collapsible truss display system!

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Exhibit Fair International, Las Vegas

Durable and foldable with a load bearing capability of 600 lbs every 30 feet. It will support your video displays, product displays and lighting requirements. TRUSSwire is easy to put together, eliminating the need for hours of costly labor. It takes up much less space than conventional displays, as it folds down almost flat, cutting shipping costs as well.

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