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Advantages of a trade show exhibit display rental.

Preparing for a trade show is a tremendous undertaking.  Exhibit rental often is the most prudent decision an exhibitor can make. 

If you are exhibiting at your very first trade show, renting your trade show booth will allow you to test the waters and go through the entire exhibit design and planning process before you take the plunge and make the commitment and investment of purchasing a trade show booth.

If your booth space is always the same from show to show and you exhibit at a trade show more than three times a year it might be more cost effective to purchase  If you are only  participating in one or two trade shows a year,  then it is probably a more cost effective solution to rent your exhibit.

Every trade show is an opportunity to update your exhibit graphics.  We are certain regardless of your budget you want your exhibit to reflect the integrity of your company and the products and services that your company is presenting to the world.   The right graphics, hanging signs, lighting, and accessories can be very effective in generating the desired interest of your prospective clients.

A full range of in-house design and production capabilities, including a full metal shop, carpentry shop, cad drawing department as well as a graphic production department allows EFI to provide jaw dropping custom rental displays that have the look and presence of a custom exhibit on a rental budget!

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