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Exhibit Design

Our exhibit designers have in-depth experience working with clients in multiple industries and with all types of exhibitions, museums and trade shows. They are very sensitive to your goals and creating a space that will enhance your trade show marketing objectives.

Brent Toft is our design director. He has over 15 years of exhibition and trade show industry experience. Brent balances a stong sense of creativity with a no-nonsense builders eye for functionality.

Shawn Bicker is an award winning creative force here at EFI. He has the uncanny ability to take rough concepts from our clients and turn them into works of art. Shawn Bicker's talent spills over into systems applications and new product development. He is also very creative when looking for practical ways to help clients with smaller budgets have a striking presence on the trade show floor.

The design process begins when you select your booth space for the trade show that you will be attending. The size of the booth is the first design element that is established. Then it is time to begin the task of defining the space. Exhibit design demands an understanding of the functional requirements of trade show exhibit situations, sensitivity to the specific business image of the exhibiting company and serious consideration of the desired audience. Like any marketing medium it is important to know your audience. It will have a s significant impact on the success achieved in presenting the products and services that define your company.

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