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What you need for successful trade show booth setups and dismantle!
Coldwell Banker Recon booth
Coldwell Banker booth setup
Subway booth install at Recon
Recon Subway booth setup
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Experienced & Reliable.

When people talk about skilled labor they are usually referfing to skills that can be taught or learned from a book. In the trade show business there just isn't a manual that can teach someone how to setup a booth because they are all different in one way or another. It takes a team of experienced professionals for a trade show booth display to be produced in the best and most efficient way possible. Our labor professional have learned most of their skills on the job, with the help of highly skilled production people and project managers.

Why choose Us?

Our Goal.To be a better corporate citizen.

For our customers and employees alike we want to be known for doing what we say we are going to do. We want to be known as a vendor as well as an employer who takes care of the people that make our companies existence possible. Respect for one another is a critical component for any good corporate citizen. We believe every one of our customers is important just as we believe every one of our employees is as important as the next. We all need to be able to depend on each other to keep our company thriving and everyone working!

Reliable Trade Show Labor?

What we Do.Produce high quality exhibits and events.

What we do every day is design, engineer, build and setup environments that set the stage for our clients to showcase their products and services. We are constantly evolving and growing. As this fast paced world we live in continues to expand and grow we stay positioned to align ourselves with the innovators and the people who want to stay out in front. We support and take the lead from our clients who know their individual industries better than we can to ensure their trade show programs are successful!

Quality trade show labor professionals!

For all of your trade show service requirements!

Trade show Professionals

EFI's trade show labor professionals and traveling supervisors have a proven track record that you can count on. Our people are always reliable and efficient. One of our trained and experienced staff can manage your setups, modifications, cleaning and rentals!



We offer professional storage in our climate controlled warehouse. This is where your exhibit properties will be readied for shipping to your next trade show.  After the show we can manage all necessary repairs, as well as new construction.


Streamlined Logistics.

Our shipping department handles all transportation, routing and ancillary services. We have experience shipping around the country and around the world and are able to offer attractive shipping and traffic pricing. We can assist with all international requirements..