Trade Show Labor Installation and Dismantle Services


Skilled Labor Professionals

EFI's trade show labor professionals and traveling supervisors have a proven track record that you can count on. Our people are always reliable and efficient. One of our trained and experienced staff can manage your setups, modifications, cleaning and rentals!


Exhibit & Display Storage

We offer professional storage in our climate controlled warehouse. This is where your exhibit properties will be readied for shipping to your next trade show.  After the show we can manage all any necessary repairs, as well as new construction.


Streamlined Logistics

Our shipping department handles all transportation, routing and ancillary services. We have experience shipping around the country and around the world and are able to offer attractive shipping and traffic pricing. We can assist with all international requirements..

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Exhibit and Display Storage Las Vegas
Exhibit and Display Shipping

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We strive to provide our customers with top notch support to make their trade show expertiences great ones.

For all of your Trade Show Services!

Your team at Exhibit Fair International can assume any or all of your exhibit related functions, freeing you to focus completely on business development. We can arrange the ordering of all show site requirements and the shipping of your exhibit and display properties to the required destination. We can also store all exhibit properties after your trade show or event.

Exhibit Fair International offers a full service exhibition management solution. We will work closely with you on cost and budgeting options. We will provide you with proactive advice to ensure the best results possible.

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